class RichardNeal(object):
    def __init__(self):
        print "Hi, I'm Richard. Welcome to my website."

    def experience(self):
        locations = ["Microsoft", "Wheaton College", "Lexomics Research Group"]
        work = ["Software Engineer", "Teaching Assistant", "Lead Developer"]
        current = [True, False, False]
        for position, location, status in zip(work, locations, current):
            employment = "I "
            employment += "am" if status else "was" 
            employment += " a " + position + " at " + location + "."
            yield employment

    def education(self):
        return """I studied Computer Science, Mathematics, and Secondary
                  Education at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts."""

    def information(self):
        github = ""
        linkedin = ""
        return github, linkedin

    def contact(self):
        email = ""
        twitter = "@rwn231"
        return email, twitter

import webbrowser

def main():
    richard = RichardNeal()
    for experience in richard.experience():
        print experience
    for info in richard.information():
    email, twitter ="mailto:{0}".format(email))

if __name__ == '__main__':